The University of Mississippi’s mission is to create, evaluate, share, and apply knowledge in a free, open, and inclusive environment of intellectual inquiry.

Building upon a distinguished foundation in the liberal arts, the state's oldest university serves the people of Mississippi and the world through a breadth of academic, research, and professional programs.

The University of Mississippi provides an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking; encourages intellectual depth and creativity; challenges and inspires a diverse community of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students; provides enriching opportunities outside the classroom; supports lifelong learning; and develops a sense of global responsibility.

During the Flagship Forum throughout the spring 2016 semester, Chancellor Vitter will be engaging the broader University of Mississippi community in a discussion of values, excellence, what makes Ole Miss distinctive, and aspirations to move the university to ever greater heights.

“As a core value, I believe deeply in directly engaging the entire University of Mississippi community so that the best ideas come forward. During this semester, I am embarking upon a comprehensive listening and learning tour termed the “Flagship Forum.” I will be visiting with faculty, staff, students, alumni, business leaders, public officials, and friends.”

“My overarching goals for these forums are simple: I want us to really get to know one another. I look forward, with your help, to learning a great deal about Ole Miss in a short time. I am very interested in your perspectives on what makes our treasured university great and what makes us distinctive.”

“I am especially interested in beginning a dialogue with the entire university community about what could make us even greater, about what our aspirations should be. I want to hear your thoughts on what I can do as chancellor to help us sustain and advance the excellence that is so apparent throughout our university. No one of us embodies all of the truth or wisdom we need to advance UM. But the shared talents and collective wisdom of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external partners can lift us to heights beyond our imagination.”

— Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter